101 Venture Capital Questions

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101 venture capital interview questions by innmind.com

The list of questions that venture capitalists will ask you during the pre-funding interviews

Let’s jump straight to the point:

For the medium blog, I shortlisted the 20 questions that you’ll be 100% asked by investors. And if you need the full list 🧾 of 101 questions, here is the original post for you.

So, let’s get prepared for the funding round by answering these investors’ questions:

  1. How do you plan to make money 💶 for your investors?
  2. In your financial forecast we see significant revenue growth 📈, but no increase in operational costs. Why?
  3. Do you have pre-orders? What sales did you have so far? What’s your sales plan 📊 and forecast?
  4. Will existing investors participate 🤝 in the round?
  5. How much did you personally invest 🪙 in the project?
  6. How did this idea come to your mind 🧠?
  7. What do you understand about this business 💎 that others do not?
  8. What is your competitive landscape and are there any competitors 💩 you’re most afraid of?
  9. Why doesn’t a huge corporation 🏢 create something like this?
  10. What is your go-to-market strategy ♟?
  11. What are the channels of online attraction? Which is the most 👌 effective?
  12. Describe your customer journey map 🗺?
  13. What is your highest ⚠️ priority for the next six months?
  14. What is your CAC 💰 (customer acquisition cost)?
  15. How can I, as an investor, help 💡 your project? Except money?
  16. You have achieved something before thanks to investments. How much 💸 money have you made since then?
  17. What intellectual property 🗄 do you own? Do you have a patent?
  18. What key additions to the team are needed in the short term? What key roles may need to be hired in the near future? What should be the team 👥 for scaling?
  19. Where will your company 🏛 be in 3 years?
  20. Describe your final goal and timeline ⏳ for achieving

The full list of questions available for a free download can be found in the original post.

Best of luck in your fundraising journey!


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